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Light Emitting Diode technology, which has been developed since 1962, is widely used today. LED technology, which is seen everywhere from traffic lights, aquarium light, light bulbs, car headlights and illuminated advertising signs, is resistant to shocks, with low heating rate, saving light, bright light. Apart from these, it offers a visual feast with different color options. As with many technological products, LED technology can be different types depending on usage areas. Well within these varieties


What is Module LED? Let's answer the question.


First of all, we will examine the working principle of LEDs; It is the process of applying the desired voltage in the right direction to the semiconductor LEDs. In this case, the transfer of electrons takes place and at the end of this there is an energy. When this energy interacts with the chemical solids in the chip, it emits the light source we call the photon. Different colors of light emitting of LEDs, semiconductor solids in the chip is made by adding chemicals such as nitrite, indium, phosphate, arsenic, aluminum, gallium. LEDs can work with series resistance and current locking method. The more economical one is the serial resistance workers.


So what is Module LED?


Module LEDs are working with current locking method and this is important for their long life. In high light level, 3 3.4 volt LEDs can be connected in series and 12 volts are operated with current limiting resistor. The resistance value is changed to 24 volts or 48 volts. Modular LEDs which are produced and developed according to needs are mostly used in advertising sector. The module LEDs are designed for use in high quality materials and are designed for high performance and durability.


What is LED Module LED which is commonly used in daily life? In this article we are looking for an answer to the question of the module LED's briefly to examine the types of these; Epoxy Module LED, Injection-lens Module LED, Mercekli plus Module LED are produced in different kinds and offered to users.

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