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CE Certification Service

LVD Test Laboratory

PTC laboratory; It serves as TÜRKAK accredited according to 2014/35 / EU Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

IP Protection test, Sealing Tests and Electrical product safety tests are at your service with expert staff.

Teknik Müdürlük


Lumen Tests and Optical Tests

Photometric Measurements

PTC Laboratory; LM-79-08 takes measurements of photometric values such as darkroom lumen tests, LED life tests, sphere tests, light flux, color, light intensity. It delivers the desired graphics and values with ltd extension.
Tests are carried out as TÜRKAK accredited.
PTC Laboratory; LM-80 is the 5th Laboratory accredited in the world in LED Life tests.

Laboratory Directorate

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CBTL Laboratory

IECEE CBLT Laboratory

In 2020, PTC Laboratory; It has successfully passed the inspections to become a CBLT within the scope of lighting, machinery and electrical appliances and has been published as the first Turkish Laboratory in Europe that can issue a CB certificate by performing tests within the scope of lighting, machinery and household appliances.

CB Certification Sales Unit


Lighting and Faucet Fixtures

Saudi Arabia Energy Label

      PTC Laboratory; It is authorized by SASO in the following areas.

  • SASO 2902 and 2870 Energy Label

  • SASO 2655 and 2656 Faucet Armature Energy Label

  • SASO 2927 Road street lighting Energy Label

Technical Engineering


Electrical Appliances CE Certificate

Electrical Appliances LVD Test

PTC Laboratory has been accredited by TÜRKAK within the scope of TS EN 60335-1. By performing LVD tests on electrical appliances used in homes and similar places such as electric cookers, toasters, liquid heating devices, skin and hair care devices, room heaters, the product provides electrical safety precautions before reaching the end user.

Technical Engineering


Periodic Control and Inspection

Periodic check-up

PTC Inspection; It is a type A periodic inspection body that performs periodic inspections in accordance with the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment and has the TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Accreditation. Especially, Lighting companies also apply discounts on price.

Technical Engineering

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