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TS EN IEC 62384 

Işık yayan diyot (led) modülleri için Performans özellikleri Testleri PTC Laboratuvarında Hizmetinizdedir.


CB Test Certificate


Accredited Ptc Product Testing and Certification is accredited according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) system (IECEE).


What are the benefits of CB?


• Using the certification bodies of 50 member states within the CB certification system without obtaining additional tests,

• Prioritization based on other applications in countries where CB certification system does not require additional testing,

• To be used by the certification bodies in the CB certification system in order to obtain documents and in contact with the customer.


CB test reports and documents covering the safety of electrical and electronic equipment and components are mutually recognized by an international system, the IECEE CB Plan. IEC CB is a versatile plan between participating countries and certification bodies based on the use of international (IEC) standards. It allows manufacturers to obtain documents from an NCB in another country with the CB certificate issued by the National Certification Authority (NCB).


PTC product Testing And Certification Our company can see which area of ​​the CB Certificate and test for which are in the acredit;


Cables and cords


Switches for devices

Automatic controls of household electrical appliances

Medical instruments

Information and office equipment


Measuring tools

Electric toys

Portable tools

Household-like tools



Safety transformers and similar devices

Installation accessories and connection devices

Installation protection equipment

Low voltage, high power switching equipment, etc.


Contact your PTC to get your products to reach more markets than ever before.

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