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SASO Energy Efficiency Label Registration (EER)


The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) announced new Energy Efficiency Labeling Regulations for some electrical and electronic (EE) products. Manufacturers and importers should ensure that their products comply with the new regulations before entering the South Arabian market.


New Energy Efficiency Labeling Arrangements (EER) require energy efficiency to be displayed in the following products:


Refrigerators (including refrigerator and / or freezer function)

Air conditioners

Washing machines

Electric motors

Lighting products



Documents sought by SASO Saudi Arabia for export are as follows:

Commercial invoice

Certificate of Origin

consignment note

Insurance certificate (if insured by the exporter)

Download list

Documents other than these are optional and may vary depending on the product to be imported and the agreement with the importer.

In Turkey and all over the world Saudi Arabia exports in the Port (Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, Medinah) requested SASO standards organization is a document required by the rules mandated. In order to be able to obtain a document, it is obligatory to test the products which have no test reports or have not been tested according to any quality standards in our laboratory (according to Saso Standards). This document, which is published quickly when the necessary documents are provided after the test procedures, is a document which corrects the errors before reaching the end user in terms of the corporate identity which removes the export integrity and potential problems between Exporter and İmporter.

For this reason, you can contact our Ezhar Corporate Quality company, which completes all your transactions within 3 working days and publishes your Saso CoC Certificate.

Azhar number of firms engaged in exporting from Turkey Corporate Saudi Arabia, is proud of having a market share of about 80%.

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